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The St Pete Mountain Boys

1 - Mornings Were Sunny (3:09)

A straight-ahead uptempo bluegrass number.

2 - Time to Leave (2:27)

Another grassy one.

3 - Lullaby (2:58)

A nice purty love song.

4 - Skyway Breakdown (2:07)

A burning instrumental jam.

5 - Mr. American (4:35)

A story of a Western gunfighter transplanted to genteel Old England.

6 - Black Dog Hill (3:57)

A story of a demon hound and a crusty old man.

7 - Do What it Takes (5:20)

Something blue.

8 - Guinessis (3:34)

An uptempo instrumental.

9 - The Slave's Story (4:10)

A runaway slave turns Texas train robber.

10 - Keep This Train A-rollin' (2:28)

More Western violence.

11 - Easy Way (3:30)

Yet another story about a Western gunfighter.